Mango Maté from Fusion Tea Room

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Yerba Maté

Where to Buy:  Fusion Tea Room

Product Description:

The elegance of this blend is simple and sophisticated. Our unsmoked yerba mate infused with the flavor of ripe mangoes. Very smooth that goes down easy. You ‘ll forget you’re actually drinking mate because the astringency and bitterness that so many other brands have isn’t there. Energize your midday over ice. Love it, drink it, share it.

Taster’s Review:

I have to agree with the above description, this is very smooth, it goes down easily!  There is no astringency and no bitterness.  It is sweet and absolutely delicious.  This just may be my favorite Yerba Maté blend yet.

Although I must say that I don’t actually forget that I am sipping on Yerba Maté, because it tastes like Yerba Maté.  It does lack the sometimes bitter taste that accompanies a typical smoked Yerba Maté, but beyond that, I can taste the vegetative and earthy qualities of the Maté.  It also has that invigorating quality of Yerba Maté.  This is a Yerba Maté blend I’d recommend to those who have tried Yerba Maté in the past and found it to be a little off-putting.  This blend will change their mind!

The mango tastes sweet.  It’s a very vibrant fruit flavor – very authentic and juicy.  The fruit melds so beautifully with the vegetal taste of the green Yerba Maté.  The vegetative taste is a little more prominent than the earthy quality of the Maté here, and the flavors unite so harmoniously.

As I said before, I’d recommend this to anyone who has tried Yerba Maté in the past and didn’t care for it – this one will change your mind.  I’d also recommend this one to the Yerba Maté newbies out there.  Heck, I’d recommend this one to anybody – it’s that good!

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