Hong Yu (Red Jade) Taiwanese Black Tea from Zi Chun Tea Co

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Zi Chun Tea Co

Product Description:

A high quality organic black tea – this unique tea was developed & refined by the Taiwan tea research station. It is a cross between an Assam strain from Burma & a local wild strain. A truly great tea.
A noticeable cinnamon aroma and carries a subtle, but pleasant mint flavor.

Tasters Review:

WOW!  Just…WOW!  This is SO amazing on SO many levels!  This is a mighty fine Black Tea, right here, folks!

Hong Yu (Red Jade) Taiwanese Black Tea from Zi Chun smells a little like tomato soup and/or tomato bread…I LOVE the aroma!  The taste is toasty, creamy, malty, a mellow black tea, meets a hint of cherry tomato type undertone but then changes up and evens out.

By the after taste I can find that mint note the description says lingers…it’s so amazingly different I can’t NOT like this one!  I would HIGHLY recommend this tea to ANYONE!


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