Organic Gaba Oolong Tea from Zi Chun Tea Co

Tea Type: Oolong (Gaba)

Where To Buy: Zi Chun Tea Co

Product Description:

This is a great tasting oolong tea – with a flavor more closely resembling a light tasting black tea. It is becoming very popular because of it’s unique health properties. It contains copious quantities of GABA – a highly sought after health supplement.

Tasters Review:

It’s a beautiful thing when you find something that tastes good and is good FOR you, right!?  Well, this Organic Gaba Oolong from Zi Chun fits the bill for both!

This is a very refreshing tea!  A solid Oolong!  This also has slight nutty-sweet type notes throughout the sip which I really appreciate!

If you haven’t tried Gaba yet PLEASE do!  And this one is a great please to start!


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