Coffee Almond Tea from Tea Addiction

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tea Addiction

Product Description:

Ingredients: Black tea, roasted chicory root, almond, coffee beans, flavoring.

Are you a fan of both tea and coffee, or are you looking to transition from coffee to tea? If so, you’ll love this new blend of black tea, coffee beans, toasted almonds, and roasted chicory root.

This black tea satisfies like coffee but gives the health benefits of tea. The liquor produced by Coffee Almond Tea has a rich black tea base with a hint of coffee and almond and is great hot or iced.

Taster’s Review:

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a fan of both tea and coffee – although I guess I used to be.  I used to drink coffee every morning, until I realized that it was coffee that was causing my mid-day nausea.  I have since become a somewhat disgruntled ex-coffee drinker.  Truth be told, I do occasionally miss the flavor and aroma of coffee, but I love tea much more than I ever liked coffee.

This tea gives you a little bit of both worlds.

The dry leaf is very attractive, with big slivers of almond and whole coffee beans tossed amongst the black tea leaves and pieces of roasted chicory root.  It smells a little bit like coffee, a little like tea, and a little like almond.

This tastes much better than I thought it would.  Because of my disenchantment with coffee, I expected to really dislike this.  But, it’s actually quite lovely.

The flavor is deep and rich.  The tea flavors are stronger than the coffee, but both beverages can be tasted here.  It has a little bit of bitterness from the coffee, but, it isn’t an unappetizing bitterness.  There is a nice balance between coffee bean and chicory root (which is often used as a coffee substitute because it has a similar flavor) so that the flavor does not become overwhelming.  It doesn’t overpower the tea notes.

If I were to change anything about this particular tea, it would be to increase the almond flavor.  It almost gets lost with the other strong flavors in the cup.  It is a detectable flavor – sweet and nutty – but, I think the tea would be even better with a little more almond taste.

As it is, though, I quite enjoyed it.  I drank it hot with a little bit of turbinado sugar (I have never been a black coffee drinker!)  I also had a cup with a splash of milk to see how it tasted and I think I prefer this one as a latte.  It seems to bring out the almond flavor while lending a creamy texture to the cup!  YUMMY!

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