Iced Tea Series II (Tropical Fruit Series) from 52Teas, Part 1: Kiwi Flavored Black Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas

About This Iced Tea Series:

After the success of our first Iced tea series, we’re going for round two. This time, all of the teas are tropical fruit flavors! We’ve also increased the amount of tea in each package to make sure you get a good solid gallon of iced tea out of each pack.

Here are FIVE unique iced tea blends we’ve created from high quality Nilgiri CTC teas. These are uber fine teas, so they are not as pretty as our whole leaf teas, but they steep up a bold, rich, flavorful iced tea. We’ve packaged them in approximately 1.2oz. pouches, which is just enough for one gallon of iced tea (more if you re-steep) so you can just rip them open, dump them out and steep. No measuring required!

Taster’s Review:

I really enjoyed the last iced tea series from 52Teas so I was confident that I’d enjoy this set of five teas as well.  This series even has a theme:  tropical fruit.

The first thing that you’ll notice about these tea is that it looks different from a typical loose leaf tea.  This is a very fine cut black tea … almost resembling tiny granules.  And if you’ve had teas from 52Teas in the past, you’ll also notice that this tea looks different from other 52Teas blends in another way – it doesn’t have big chunks of fruit or other additives in the blend.

But that doesn’t mean that these teas skimp on flavor.  The flavor is very well-defined in this tea.  The kiwi notes are so juicy and delicious.  When describing the flavor of kiwi, people often compare it to a banana, a strawberry and/or a pineapple, because the kiwi fruit possesses notes that are similar to each of these.  I can especially taste the banana notes here – in fact, when I first opened the package I could smell banana and I had to double check the label to see if I hadn’t accidentally opened a package of banana tea by mistake.

The black tea base is delicious.  It is brisk and there are hints of malt.  It is astringent, but not overly so.  Brewed properly, there is no bitterness to this tea, just a beautiful, lightly sweet, crisp taste that highlights the flavor of the kiwi fruit very well.

This has been a very hot summer so far – but the heat becomes bearable when I have a glass of delicious iced tea.

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