Organic Ming Mei Green Tea from Libre

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Libre

Product Description:

Aroma: well rounded nose, sweet with some ocean and spinach notes.

Flavour: clean sweet feel in the palate with a comfortable, sweet aftertaste. This tea is to be made with water at about 160 degrees – boiling water on this tea will negatively affect the taste.

Taster’s Review:

These little packets hold just enough tea to brew in the Libre Mug.  The first time I steeped this tea, I steeped it inside the filter by fastening the filter lid onto the glass mug, poured the tea into the filter lid, and then fastened the lid onto the top of the mug and turned the mug upside down to allow the tea to infuse.  After infusing, I turn the mug over, remove the filter lid with wet leaves, and enjoyed the tea.  This time, I poured the leaves directly into the mug, poured hot water over, and then fastened the filter, leaving the leaves to continue to infuse as I sip.

While both preparations make for a delicious cup of tea, I think I prefer the first method, which allowed me to stop the infusing process before sipping the tea.  The tea did not become bitter as it continued to infuse, but I prefer the lighter flavor at the start of the cup, and as I reached the bottom, the flavor was quite strong.

My first infusion process produced a cup of tea that was delicate and exhilarating, like a breath of fresh air!  It tasted lightly vegetative with a hint of hay in the background.  There was a very pleasing creaminess to the tea, very smooth and enjoyable to sip.  There was only a slight astringency to this first cup.

The second time I prepared this tea, the tea was more vegetative and much less delicate, and it was obvious to me that this was because of the longer infusion time.  The hay-like note in the background was a little more pronounced.  It still tastes sweet and fresh.  The vegetative taste is grassy, but also a bit like steamed vegetables.  A bit like freshly steamed spinach.  The creaminess is still there, but it is not as profound.  I suspect that is because the astringency seems to develop as it continues to steep, and that seems to interfere a little bit with the creamy tones.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable cup of tea – perfect to brew with the Libre Mug!

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