Stress Relief Tea from Solay Tea Therapy

Tea Type: Herbal Tisane/Green Tea

Where To Buy: Solay Tea Therapy (AKA Solay Wellness)

Product Description:

Solay Tea Therapy Organic Stress Relief Tea

With organic Chamomile, organic Peppermint, organic Indian Green Tea (decaffeinated), organic Skullcap herb, organic Wood Betony, organic Catnip herb and organic Stevia herb.

Steep one scoop of tea in boiling water for five minutes. Enjoy one to two cups daily.

Net weight 2 ounces $ 9.95 with wood scoop

Organic Chamomile  – Soothing Sedative Properties

Organic Peppermint – Relieves pains from colic, dyspepsia and flatulence.

Organic Indian Decaffeinated Green Tea – Has a very high concentration of powerful antioxidants.

Organic Scullcap – Mild relaxant, therapy for anxiety and nervous tension.

Organic Wood Betony – General relaxant, helps to alleviate nervous tension.

Organic Catnip – Mild Sedative in humans.

Organic Stevia – All natural sweetener and antibacterial properties.

Tasters Review:

This is my busiest time of the year doing what I do for my Full Time Job and I thought I would have a cup of this to try and mellow out before switching gears from “work mode” to “home mode”.

I may not always grab an herbal tisane by choice – or should I say “at first glance” – but I have found the ones I am drawn to have mint in them.  Lucky for me this one features mint…among other things.  Another thing I am excited about in this blend of flavors is the Stevia…but I will get to that in a minute…

The post-infusion color of this tea/tisane is that of a bright yellow with a slight orange hue.  Very vibrant!   The aroma is mostly chamomile and mint but not overly-so.

The taste is soothing, relaxing, slightly minty, a bit of chamomile, green tea, and herbally.  Everything jives well together and there isn’t one ingredient that over powers the others…I like that in herbal teas!  It has a sweet finish which is nice, too!

The Stevia gives it a sweet or a hint of a sugar-sweetness to it.  I think this works very well here!  I think it really makes the blend special!

Another thing I like about this offering from Solay is that it came with a cute little wooden scoop which I will be doing a separate review on within the next week!

Please!  Check out this website!  It’s wonderful!  Their customer service via email is great!  They are good at answering any questions you may have!  Their ingredients are top-notch!  What a delight!

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