Apricot Amaretto Tea from Tea Forte

Tea Type: Rooibos/Honeybush Blend

Where To Buy: Tea Forte

Product Description:

Description: A double delight of sweet apricot and juicy peach with nuanced notes of almond, artfully evoking Saronno, Italy, the birthplace of amaretto.

Ingredients: organic honeybush, organic rooibos, organic marigold flowers, natural flavors

Tasters Review:

I really enjoyed Apricot Amaretto from Tea Forte…both hot and cold…I think the new Herbal Retreat offerings are more my speed!   At least the offerings without Hibiscus that is…and even some with Hibiscus, I suppose!  More on that in future reviews!  The Hibiscus/other ingredient ratio is more pleasing to my palate (as many of you know I’m not usually into overly tarty teas or tisanes).

This is WYSIWYG…Apricot and Amaretto sums it up nicely!  I’m appreciating the Honeybush/Rooibos blends very much – thanks Tea Forte!  Two thumbs up on this one!

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