Khongea Golden Tips Second Flush Assam TGFOP1 from KTeas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  KTeas

Product Description:

picked 10 June 2011

Direct from the Glenburn Tea Estate in Khongea, Assam, India!

10 June 2011 harvest pouches contain 8oz (227g). At Glenburn’s recommended 2.5g in 200ml (7 fl-oz) water, each pouch yields about 90 teacups at 26¢ per teacup.

2010 harvest tins contain 3.5oz (100g). At Glenburn’s recommended 2.5g in 200ml (7 fl-oz) water, each tin yields about 40 teacups at 43¢ per teacup.

Taster’s Review:

This is OH-SO-GOOD!  Like fabulously fantastically good.

The picture above does not deceive, there really are a bunch of golden tips in this tea.  I know that sometimes with “tip” teas, there are relatively few tips.  Not so here.  This tea is loaded with golden tips.  It’s beautiful!

This tea produces such a rich, delicious cup of tea.  It is robust and possesses a beautiful malty tone.  I can really taste the freshness with this tea, and it makes all the difference!

There is a very pleasing undercurrent of sweetness to this tea, it is caramel-y in flavor with a subtle burnt-sugar taste.  That subtle burnt-sugar flavor emits a very delicate bitter note.  This is a savory bitterness, not the “Oh no!  I over-steeped the Assam” bitterness, and it lends a delightful depth of flavor to the cup.

It is a smooth Assam with a moderate amount of cleansing astringency at the tail.  I don’t find this astringency to be particularly drying in nature, but, it imparts a clean feeling allowing this taster to enjoy the sweet aftertaste.

Tea connoisseurs take note:  this Assam is exquisite.  You really must try it!

1 thought on “Khongea Golden Tips Second Flush Assam TGFOP1 from KTeas

  1. I don’t know this specific brand, but I drink Khongea Assam quite often and find your description to be exactly what I’ve found with tea from this region of Assam.

    It’s one of those teas I recommend to people who find Assams too bitter.

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