Trail Mix Flavored Black Tea from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Product Description:

How about this for unique? Here’s our premium Indian black teas blended with real dried apricot, almond slivers and coconut!

Taster’s Review:

This is really yummy!

The aroma of the dry leaf makes my mouth water.  It smells so good.  It smells like fresh apricots and almonds.  A hint of coconut lingers in the background.  After brewing, the fragrance changes a little – now it smells like something freshly baked.  A muffin filled with apricots and almonds and coconut, perhaps?  It smells delicious and inviting.

With the first couple of sips, I really noticed the black tea.  I could taste the other flavors, of course, but, the black tea seemed to be the strongest flavor.  And that’s quite alright.  This is tea, it’s supposed to taste like tea.  It is a strong, crisp black tea taste with a fair amount of astringency.  No bitterness (although, I wouldn’t suggest over steeping) – it’s a bold, black tea that provides a solid background of flavor.

The apricot is sweet and it tastes authentic.  It tastes so much like apricot that I can almost feel the pulpy texture of it.  The almond lends a nutty sweetness to the cup and is a very harmonious flavor with the apricot.  The coconut is more of a accent flavor, not particularly strong but, it lends a distinct creaminess to the cup.

Overall, this is a deliciously sweet fruit-and-nut tea.  While the flavor combination may seem a little odd, it all works together quite well.  I like this both hot and cold, but I think I prefer this one hot … so I will probably be saving the rest of this pouch for the cooler weather that will be here (I hope!) in the next couple of months.

Another uniquely delicious treat from 52Teas!

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