Blueberry Earl Grey Tea from Ovation Teas

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Ovation Teas

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Product Description:

Blend of Assam and Ceylon loose leaf black teas with blueberries, orange peel, marigold petals, and cornflowers with blueberry and bergamot flavoring.

Tasters Review:

Blueberry Earl Grey from Ovation Teas is fin-NOM-i-null!

The aroma is INTENSE and I love that about this offering!  This is a party for the senses!

The ingredients are plump and visually-FUN!

The taste is awesome! The Assam and Ceylon is D-Lish!  I LOVE that they blended these two black teas together in this!  The Orange Peel and Blueberries are my favorite!  It’s Citrusy and Berry yet the Earl Grey flavors thrown in and they are all jammin’ well together!

I did three infusions with this.

The 2nd infusion was a tad more orange than berry with the EG still present.  The 3rd infusion there was more blueberry but the berry was more soothing and mellow than before.  The Citrus and EG flavors fell in the background and were subtle but a nice addition to the Blueberry!  There aren’t that many Blueberry EG’s out there…but after tasting this…I’m convinced there SHOULD be…but…be ware…Ovations will be hard to top!

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