Peach White from Tea Addiction

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Tea Addiction

Product Description:

100% Organic

Ingredients: Organic white tea, mango fruit, safflower stamens, natural peach flavor.

Beautiful white tea leaves blended with sweet peach flavor and mango bits make this tea unforgettable. If you like white tea, but want it blended with other fruity flavors, then this is the tea for you.

White Peach tea is wonderful hot or cold.

Taster’s Review:

I love this time of year – as the summer draws to a close, and the fruits of summer are ripe and ready to eat!  One of my favorite summer fruits is definitely peaches, I love the mild flavor and the juicy, refreshing taste of this stone fruit.

This white tea captures the flavor of the peach so well.  It tastes fresh and fruity, but it isn’t too sweet.  The white tea is a soft vegetative note in the background.  There is also a slight astringency to the tea that I would like to refer to as a crispness here, because the rest of the sip is so smooth and almost nectar-like, the crisp note from the astringency gives the cup a very well-rounded taste and texture.

In addition to the white tea (it looks like a Bai Mu Dan to me) and peach flavor, there are also small bits of dried mango and safflower blossoms in the blend.  These do not add an immense amount of flavor, but, they do add a hints of flavor.  There is a slight taste of sweet mango-ness, as well as a sharpness from the safflower.  What is nice about this mango note is that it can be tasted, even in the slightest.  I think that if the blend were made with a stronger flavored tea (like a black base) the mango might not be noticeable.  But because the white tea and peach flavors are so delicate, the whisper of mango manages to make its presence known.

I like this one hot or iced – but it being so hot outside, I think I prefer this one iced!  It is light, cooling refreshment – just what I need on a day like this!

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