Herbal Lush Chamomile from TeaScapes

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Fruit/Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy:  TeaScapes

Product Description:

Herbal Lush tea consists of a bright blend of delicate chamomile and spicy cinnamon with bits of strawberry and rose petals. The brewed tea produces a relaxing combination that has a mild fruity spark. It is a great evening tea to aid with relaxation and end the day with a smile.

Taster’s Review:

Hmm… chamomile.  While chamomile is often something that I would normally shy away from, I’m actually really enjoying this.  The combination of chamomile, cinnamon, strawberry and rose make for a satisfying taste.  I like how the sweetness of the chamomile and strawberry contrast with the spicy snap of the cinnamon and the delicate notes of rose.

The chamomile and cinnamon are the strongest flavors, but neither is too strong or overpowering.  The chamomile presents that distinct “chamomile-y” flavor – apple-like, somewhat floral, and even a little bit pollen-ish tasting.  But with the gentle warmth of the cinnamon, it becomes much more agreeable.  The spice of the cinnamon and the apple-esque tones of the chamomile work very well together.

The strawberry and rose are the softer flavors of the bunch, but I like their contributions to the cup.  I can taste subtle berry flavors that are sweet yet tart, and the rose is sweet and feminine.  This is the kind of cup that you want to cozy up to on one of those late nights when you just can’t seem to relax!  It is comforting and it will also encourage a sense of calm.

I’ve really enjoyed the teas I’ve tried from TeaScapes thus far.  They have a knack for taking the ordinary (chamomile) and making it extraordinary (Herbal Lush Chamomile)!

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