Fujian Wild Oolong from Life In Teacup

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Life In Teacup

About Life In Teacup: 

We are enthusiastic tea drinkers and students of tea culture. As tea drinkers becoming tea sellers, we have in depth understanding of tea drinkers’ expectations and will always strive to provide you with the best options. We carefully taste every incoming tea product and only offer you teas that we truly enjoy.

Our Mission:  We are committed to providing tea drinkers with high quality teas at affordable prices, introducing more Chinese tea varieties to the world and promoting discussions on tea culture.

Taster’s Review:

Before writing this review, I attempted to locate this particular tea on the Life In Teacup website, but could not.  This was a tea that I received as a tea-blogger sample, and I do hope that Life In Teacup plans on offering this to a wider audience because it’s a delightful Oolong!

I find these “wild” teas to be extremely interesting, because I can actually taste the “wild” in the teas.  It tastes less refined and a little rugged.

The sip starts out sweet.  It’s a slow kind of sweet, as if it takes its time to fully express itself.  I can taste a nutty flavor, as well as a hint of flower (honeysuckle?) and a distant fruit-tone that reminds me of a fresh, juicy plum.  Toward the end of the sip, a sour note hits the palate.  Not a pucker-y kind of sour, but more like a sweet-and-sour sauce kind of sour.  Savory and sour, but not so much that it overpowers the sweetness.

Another extraordinary tea offering from Life In Teacup!

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