Morawaka Ceylon BOP-1 from KTeas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  KTeas

Product Description:

Broken Orange Pekoe-1 provides the benchmark Ceylon color, may be considered the quintessential Ceylon tea. The pieces are leafy, not fannings by any means, and produce a cup that is beautifully balanced, bright, and crisp.

Taster’s Review:

Not long ago, I reviewed Morawaka Ceylon FBOPF-1 from KTeas.  Today, I have the opportunity to try the BOP-1.  For those of you who don’t know what all these letters mean, FBOPF-1 means Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings, while the BOP means Broken Orange Pekoe.  (Orange Pekoe does not indicate flavored tea)  Fannings tends to be a bad word when it comes to most tea enthusiasts, because it indicates the bottom of the barrel, for it is usually the dust and fannings that is used for grocery store tea bag fodder.

However, in the case of the previously reviewed FBOPF-1, I would not have considered that to be tea bag type fannings.  While the leaf pieces were generally smaller than you’d find from a typical whole leaf or broken leaf tea, the flavor was fresher than anything I’ve ever tasted from a grocery store tea bag.

That being said, I can definitely taste the difference between the FBOPF-1 and this BOP-1.  This has a fuller body.  It is not quite as caramel-y sweet as the FBOPF-1, although there is a sweetness to this.  I would liken the sweetness of this cup to a fruit-like sweetness.  There are some caramel-y tones to this as well, these seem to develop as I continue to sip … but the caramel sweetness does not seem as prevalent here as it did with the FBOPF-1.

This is a brisk and delicious cuppa.  It is smooth and rich with the slightest hint of a malty note.  The finish is tangy with a slightly dry astringency, and the aftertaste is sweet and somewhat floral.  I found this to be quite enjoyable this afternoon.  Mellow and relaxing, but with a certain invigorating spirit.

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