Green Paradise from Mark T. Wendell

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Mark T. Wendell

Product Description: 

Our newest flavored green tea offering is a blend of select sencha style China green tea leaves, pieces of strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb and cornflowers. Visually appealing with its red, white and blue pieces contrasting the dark green tea leaves, this blend has a fresh green tea taste with a delicate sweetness. This blend makes a refreshing iced tea with interesting fruit notes in each glass.

Taster’s Review:

To the eye, this blend is really beautiful with its many petals and fruit pieces tossed among the long spears of green tea leaves.  This pretty, deliciously fragrant tea brews to a clear, light green color.  Some of the strong aroma is lost in the brewing, but it still smells quite enticing.

With my first few sips, I tasted green tea.  Not very much fruit flavor at all.  But as I continued to sip, the flavors developed.  Now that I’m about half-way through my first cup, I find that the fruit flavors are there, but this is still – first and foremost – a green tea.

And that’s just the way it should be.  I like it when tea companies recognize that we’re drinking tea and they choose to not make their blends taste like a kid’s fruit drink.  The green tea here is sweet and crisp.  It is light and fresh, like the sweet air of summertime.  And while the summertime slowly begins to fade as autumn approaches – I am happy to welcome the season of fall, but I find great enjoyment in this tea that seems to be a celebration of summer.

Of the fruit flavors, the strawberry is most prominent.  It is lightly sweet and juicy.  The raspberry adds a hint of tartness, as does the rhubarb.  I like that these flavors are subtle, because normally, I would shy away from rhubarb flavored teas because they tend to be a little on the tart side.  Not a bad thing, as I’ve really enjoyed the tart rhubarb blends I’ve tried thus far, but I seem to have a built-in, automatic response to the idea of tartness in a tea.  But because these flavors are a little subdued, the tartness does not overwhelm my palate.  The aftertaste is sweet with a berry tartness that tickles the tongue.

A really delicious tea.  This is a tea that I’d recommend to those who like a little flavor with their tea … and not the other way around!  This one is spectacular iced!

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