Silky Green Tea from Bird Pick Tea & Herb

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Bird Pick Tea & Herb

Product Description:

Entice your senses with Premium Silky Green Tea. Offering a pleasantly sweet and creamy aroma and flavor, its refreshing brew provides surprisingly light and delicate notes that easily pleases the taste buds. Try adding sugar and ice for a refreshing beverage that will surely not disappoint any palate.

Taster’s Review:

A quick glance at these tea leaves and one might think that they’re looking at an Oolong tea – I know I did!  The leaves are tightly wound into little pellets and look a lot like a green Oolong.  So, I decided to treat this one like an Oolong, and I brewed it in my gaiwan.

The flavor is also quite similar to an Oolong – there is a silky mouthfeel and it has a sweet, buttery taste that I’ve often experienced with green Oolong.  The first two infusions (following a quick rinse) tasted so very much like a milk Oolong.  It was sweet, creamy and rich.

Following those two infusions, I noticed that the leaves were barely opened, and were begging for more infusions.  I just had to oblige.  The next two infusions were similar in taste, but lighter on the creamy/buttery taste.  These two infusions did not have as thick a mouthfeel to it, and floral notes began to emerge.  These two infusions may have tasted different, but they were every bit as lovely to experience as the first two.

If you’re an Oolong enthusiast, you really must try this tea.  You’ll be surprised at just how much this green tea tastes like an Oolong!

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