Cucumber Fusion from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green & Oolong

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Product Description:

This week, we have a fusion of premium green teas and oolongs blended with freeze-dried cucumber bits and natural cucumber flavor. A real refreshing taste of spring. These “savory” teas have been going really fast, so don’t miss out on this one. When it’s gone, it’s GONE.

Taster’s Review:

In February 2010, 52Teas released a Cucumber Melon tea that turned out to be my first experience with cucumber flavored teas.  I was quite impressed with that particular tea, so I was quick to order this tea when it was announced in April of this year.

This tea tastes so refreshing and light.  It tastes like spring!  It really does.  It is fresh and crisp, like the crispness of the air and the fresh sense of life that follows the cold of winter.

The tea base is an Oolong and green tea base.  The Oolong gives the cup a smooth, silky texture, while the green tea adds a fresh, lightly grassy taste that melds very well with the savory cucumber tones.  There is a slight sweetness to the cup, but I would say that it is more savory than sweet.

It is difficult to describe the flavor of this one, because how does one really describe the flavor of a cucumber?  Yes, I can taste the cucumber, and it is distinct, but, it isn’t a strong or in-your-face kind of flavor.  But then, the flavor of a cucumber isn’t really in your face either.  It is a mellow flavor – very delicate – it’s a perfectly serene kind of tea that is sure to instill a sense of peace even after the most hectic of days.

As I write this, I am sipping it hot, but, I find it even more refreshing as an iced tea.  The savoriness of the cucumber really emerges when iced, making for a cool, crisp drink that satisfies my thirst.

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