Summer Fruits from Tavalon

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Tavalon

Product Description:

the health benefits of green tea combine with a soft fruit flavor for an instant classic

Taster’s Review:

This tea is another example of a tea I ordered some time ago, stashed away in one of my canisters, and forgot all about it until I recently went through my stash.  I am glad to report though that it has not lost its flavor!  It tastes just as fresh as fresh can taste!

Bright, crisp green tea flavor with a vegetative note … but not overly grassy.  It is not bitter and while there is a little bit of astringency, it does not interfere at all with the enjoyment of this tea.

The apricot flavor is sweet and luscious, tasting very much like the soft, juicy flesh of a sun-ripened apricot … but it isn’t overly sweet or nectar-y.  This is a tea with fruit flavor, not a fruity beverage with a hint of tea.

There is also a floral tone to this tea that is slightly sharp … sunflower!  It is a very distinct flavor, and no other flower petal brews to taste quite like a sunflower.  It is delicate, but it’s there.

As summer draws to a close here in the Pacific Northwest, this tea is a delightful representation of the sweetness that the summer offers.  This is awesome hot or iced!

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