Chocolate Cake Honeybush from Fusion Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Honeybush

Where to Buy:  Fusion Teas

Product Description:

Close your eyes and smell the aroma of this fantastic Honeybush tea. It will instantly take you back to all the celebrations you have had while enjoying a piece of decadent chocolate cake. Honeybush is the perfect pair with this type of flavor. The simple refreshing taste of the honeybush stands aside to let the chocolate chips and caramel cream pieces take center stage. The rose petals offer a very light floral taste that is also a decorative touch. Impress your guests or simply enjoy this with your sweetheart.

Taster’s Review:

Does anyone remember the Bill Cosby routine when he talked about having to fix his kids breakfast one morning, and he fed them all chocolate cake?  Every time I think of chocolate cake, I always hear that song in my head:  “Dad is great, give us chocolate cake.”  As I brewed this tisane, I was singing that song!  (Fortunately, nobody was around)

This tisane tastes delightful.  Chocolate and caramel … oh my!  The honeybush base is sweet and slightly nutty, which seems to play to the cake-y flavor.  The caramel seems to be more of a background flavor, but it adds a nice sweetness and interesting dimension of rich, creamy flavor.  I can even taste a very subtle hint of rose.

Because honeybush tends to be a somewhat thinner bodied tisane, I find myself really appreciating the addition of the caramel and rose.  They add interest and depth to what otherwise might be a rather thin-tasting cuppa.

But when it comes right down to the subject of chocolate cake – what really matters is the chocolate.  Am I right?  And I am loving the chocolate-y taste in this tisane.  It is sweet and decadent.  To get the most chocolate out of this tisane, I recommend steeping it for a minimum of eight minutes (longer if you can).  Honeybush lacks the tannins of tea leaves so it won’t get bitter, no matter how long you brew it.  And the longer it steeps, the more chocolate-y it becomes!  Let it steep for 10 – 12 minutes and you have some serious chocolate-y deliciousness in a teacup!

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