Cherry Cheesecake Green Tea from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Product Description:

I decided to try to create one of our very popular cheesecake blends with a GREEN tea this week. Our buttery sweet Chinese sencha seemed a good fit for a cheesecake tea, and wow did it prove out. This is light and delicious and decadent all at once. Enjoy!

Taster’s Review:

Have you ever just poured yourself a cup of tea that was just so tasty that you didn’t even really stop to think about the tea?  I mean, for the usual tea drinker, that is a good thing, I mean… good tea, can’t go wrong with that, right?  But, for one who reviews the tea (that would be me), it can prove to be somewhat of a challenge to review a tea when it is gone before I am able to sit down and consider the tea and compose my thoughts.

Well, this tea is guilty of challenging me in that way.  I finished off what I brewed before I could sit down and write about it.  Fortunately, I can make more . . .

The green tea base that is used here is Frank’s (aka the guy at 52Teas) usual:  a Chinese Sencha.  It is sweet and buttery and makes a wonderful base for the cherry cheesecake flavor.

I drank my first cup of this tea without sweetener, and it was really delicious like that.  But for my second cup (this cup), I decided to add a little bit of turbinado sugar.  And WOW… that really made the cheesecake flavor come to life.  I can taste the tangy cream cheese flavor and the buttery pastry crust.

The cherry flavor is a sweet cherry flavor.  While it does have a somewhat “candied” cherry kind of flavor (like the glazed cherry topping of a cheesecake), it doesn’t taste artificial nor does it give off that cherry cough drop kind of taste.

This tea manages to disappear from my teacup just as fast as a slice of cheesecake on my plate would.

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