Queen Mary Tea from Culinary Teas

Tea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:

Culinary Teas

Product Description:

Queen Mary is a perfect breakfast tea. Good body but not overpowering. Coppery bright and excellent flavor. A traditional favorite.

Tasters Review:

Queen Mary is a black tea I would enjoy any morning!  You, see, I try and start every morning with at least 1 black tea and then move on to other teas from there!

This is quite strong and I like it very much!  It has a pleasing astringency to it, too!

As always, I drink this straight up! No additives…I have seen others who have enjoyed this drink with additions such as cream and/or sugar, but for me…the strength – stand alone is awesome for my morning brew!

RAWK ON Queen Mary! RAWK ON!

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