Kilauea Forest (Hawaiian Grown) White Tea from KTeas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  KTeas

Product Description:

Hand-plucked Single-Estate tea: Volcano Village – Home Grown Estate Farm
Growing elevation: 4000′, Volcano Village, Hawaii USA

These leaves are long, loose, downy. The flavor of this shade-grown tea remains delightfully floral throughout multiple steepings.

Taster’s Review:


I really love this tea.  This is definitely my favorite (thus far) of the Hawaiian-Grown teas that KTeas offers (although I haven’t yet tried their Oolong, that one is next on my list!)  This white tea might even be my favorite white tea I’ve ever tasted.  Yes, it’s that good.

The leaves are long and slightly curled and covered with white fuzz.  They brew to a light, clear amber color that smells fresh and somewhat earthy, with hints of flower in the background. The aroma does not reveal what is about to be experienced by the palate, though.

The flavor is amazing.  At first sip, I noticed many similarities to a high quality Bai Mu Dan.  But, after a couple of sips, the complexity of this white began to reveal itself:  a lush sweetness and hints of a grassy flavor.  A floral quality that begins ever-so-quietly and develops as I continue to sip – and develops even more as I steep these leaves for a second and third time.

The tea has a rather hearty flavor and is surprisingly rich for a white tea.  This is not a delicate white tea!  If you love tea – try this one!  If you have tried white teas in the past and found them to be too softly flavored for your liking – try this one!  Everyone should really try this tea!

2 thoughts on “Kilauea Forest (Hawaiian Grown) White Tea from KTeas

  1. I wonder what is different about the soil or the processing that makes this one taste “richer?” I may just have to try this one – I enjoy a subtle white tea, but it’s not my first choice because they do tend to end up more muted than I like.

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