Crème Brulee from Simpson & Vail

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Simpson & Vail

Product Description:

This scrumptious black tea blend has the taste and aroma of buttery, creamy sweet goodness. The dark amber cup is sweet and creamy with a finish that tastes like caramelized brown sugar.

Taster’s Review:

Have you ever dreamed about having Crème Brulee for breakfast?  I have!

My favorite dessert of all time is Crème Brulee.   So to say I was excited to try this tea from Simpson & Vail was an understatement!

The fragrance emitting from the pouch when I opened it was enough to make my mouth water.  I could smell the vanilla and that caramelized sugar topping.  The brewed tea has more of a buttery kind of smell … still sweet but not quite as caramel/sugar sweet.

And the flavor … amazing!  Simpson & Vail has managed to capture the flavor of my favorite dessert.  It has that smooth, creamy vanilla custard taste.  Although it smells like butter, it doesn’t really taste like it.  It tastes like a perfectly baked custard.  There is even that burnt-sugar flavor in there which is especially noticeable toward the tail end of the sip.

The black tea is a medium-strength, somewhat astringent black tea.  It has a pleasing flavor that doesn’t interfere with the delicate vanilla tones.  There is some bitterness to it, enough to provide contrast to the sweet dessert flavor, but not so much that it overwhelms.

This tastes like black tea flavored Crème Brulee!  All that’s missing for me is that crackle of the caramelized crust, the crunch of that topping mingling with the smooth, silky custard, and of course:  the calories!  This tea is a dream come true!

2 thoughts on “Crème Brulee from Simpson & Vail

  1. I love creme brulee too! Sigh…makes me go and want to make some right now. Thanks to your review I went and took a look at the company, since I’d never heard of them before.

  2. It is kind of funny to read you commenting on this tea today, because for dessert my daughter and I enjoyed creme brulee cheesecake from Whole Foods. It was YUMMMMMM! I just finished eating it only moments ago, and then I check my email and see this message about the creme brulee tea. One of those strange coincidences!

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