Meyer Lemon Black Tea from Teas Etc.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Teas Etc.

Product Description:

With the zesty tart and citrus sweetness of its namesake, Meyer Lemon, this is a fresh look at an old classic. Meyer Lemon, a hybrid that combine the sweetness of orange and tartness of lemon, creates the perfect taste profile for a terrific cup of tea.

Layers of flavor are nicely supported with body and cup character in the base Indian Nilgiri black tea.

Perfectly suited to serve hot or cold evidenced by the 1st Place award received in the 2011 North American Tea Championship, Iced Tea Flavored Black Food Service Category!

One refreshing, delicious sip and you will see why this tea stood out above the competition.

Taster’s Review:

I LOVE Meyer Lemons!  Regular lemons, I like them alright, but I don’t go crazy for them the way I do Meyer Lemons.  When Meyer Lemons are in season, I buy them by the box, and then proceed to make everything from lemon bars to lemonade.   They become my flavoring of choice while they’re in season:  I put thin slices of Meyer Lemons on top of broccoli or asparagus before I steam them and I marinate chicken breasts in peppered Meyer Lemon juice before I broil them.  I’ve even made Meyer Lemon curd.  Yummy!

So, perhaps it goes without saying that when I find a Meyer Lemon flavored tea, I BUY!  And that’s exactly what happened while I was browsing Teas Etc.’s website a couple of weeks ago (whilst looking for information about their Key Lime Coconut tea).

And this tea does not disappoint.  Teas Etc. has managed to capture the essence of the Meyer Lemon very well.  It is a very pleasing balance of tart and sweet, just like a Meyer Lemon.  It tastes bright and sunny.  Delicious!

The black tea base is a Nilgiri tea, which was a pleasant surprise!  I was expecting a Ceylon.  I really like how the Nilgiri stands up in this blend, not content to let the Meyer Lemon do all the work.  The flavoring is not overdone and does not overwhelm the robust flavor of the Nilgiri.

This tea is wonderful served hot, but, it is a STUNNER as an iced tea.  If you enjoy Meyer Lemons, you really have to try this tea!  I love it!

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