Organic White Peony (Ba Mu Dan) from Teavivre

Tea Type:
White Tea

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Product Description:

Origin: Organically grown at Mt. Taimu in Fuding, Fujian, China

Ingredients: Made from one or two leaf buds covered with fine downy white hairs

Harvest time: Hand-picked in March, 2011

Taste: A delicate, slightly flowery, sweet, lingering taste

Brew: 2-3 teaspoons for 8oz of water. Brew at 194 ºF (90 ºC) for 1 to 2 minutes (exact time depends on your taste – a longer time will give the tea a stronger taste and color)

Health Benefits: White Peony tea undergoes minimal processing and so it retains all the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that all white teas are renowned for.

Certifications: The particular Organic White Peony (Bai MuDan) tea that TeaVivre is selling, is guaranteed to be organically grown and produced, independently verified to meet USDA, EU, JAS organic certifications.

Tasters Review:

Normally it’s hit and miss with me with flowery teas BUT there is something about pure white Peony that I generally enjoy!  This one is no exception!  It’s Top-Notch!  Pure, Clean, Crisp!  Slightly sweet and slightly floral.  A bit juicy and velvety as well!

This tea gets a thumbs up from me!  This is a nice relaxing white tea that I would recommend to just about anyone!

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