Pure Heart Alishan from Asha Tea House

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Asha Tea House

Product Description:

Spring 2011
Tai He District, Ali Shan, Taiwan
Tea master:  Mr. Li

Handpicked leaves. Top quality production by Mr. Li. 

A sweet aroma reminiscent of a brisk, high mountain sunrises and sweet green vegetation. 

From the “Pure Heart,” or Qing Xin / 清心 varietal, considered the most pure representation of high mountain tea. 

If we had to describe this tea in one sentence:

White tea is elegant, green tea is pure, and black tea is bold, but a fine Oolong is all three and more.

Taster’s Review:

As I’ve mentioned once or twice before, I absolutely adore Ali Shan Oolong.  It is my favorite of all the Oolong teas.  I even have a special Yixing Tea Mug that is for my Ali Shan consumption (and I really need to start using it more often!)

And this Pure Heart Alishan from Asha Tea House is fantastic (and as the above description suggests, it’s incredibly fresh, too!)  It starts out light  and crisp.  Very pure … just like the above statement from Asha Tea House suggests, it’s a green tea kind of pure.  And as I continue to sip from my Yixing mug, the flavors multiply upon my palate.  The soft mouthfeel develops, as does a beautiful floral sweetness.

Unlike some other Alishan Oolong teas that can be somewhat buttery or even of syrupy consistency, this tends to be lighter and softer.  It doesn’t feel as thick on the palate, allowing it to explore the nuances of the floral tones.  I don’t taste as much of the vegetative taste.  Instead, I taste a clean, flowery taste that reminds me of the air in a garden in the early spring, just as the flowers are beginning to bloom.

A delightful Alishan.  If you enjoy Alishan Oolong teas, you need to try this one!

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