Da Hong Pao from Harney & Sons

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Harney & Sons

Product Description:

This wonderful tea is produced from plants grown from the famous 3 tea plants. Its large leaves are about 40% oxidized and have a warm, toasty flavor, & the leaves can be brewed several times. Origin: China

Taster’s Review:

I previously reviewed this tea, but since I received a package of it in the Oolong October Steepster Select box, I decided to revisit it.  Since the time of that review, I have really become fond of this Da Hong Pao!

The complexity of this Oolong is amazing.  In my aforementioned previous review, I mentioned a flavor that evokes thoughts of roasted peaches… and while that flavor is still present, I am also noticing an apple-like flavor, a sweet apple taste with a hint of sour.

The smokiness is there, however, either my taste buds have just become more accustomed to the smoky tones in some teas, or it is simply less prominent than I recall noticing with Red Robe Oolongs such as this one.

Another fabulous Oolong, thanks to the Steepster Select program!

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