Matcha from Aiya, Part 2: Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Aiya

Product Description:

Aiya’s flagship product, the ceremonial drinking grade of Matcha is perfect for daily consumption. This daily treat contains the highest color quality, nutrient value, and taste for the average consumer.

Taster’s Review:

After my first tasting of Aiya’s amazing Matcha, I looked forward to trying their Ceremonial Grade Matcha with eager anticipation!

I could tell the difference between this and the Premium Grade Matcha immediately when I started whisking.  This one had a noticeably thicker consistency.  It is VERY frothy; frothing up more than the Premium Grade.

The color is a similar vivid green, but because of the thicker appearance of this tea, it looks less translucent than the Premium Grade … and the Premium Grade DID NOT look all that translucent.  This is a very bright, bold green color.

Even though this Matcha is thicker and creamier than the Premium Grade, it still does not impart a chalky aftertaste or texture on the palate.  It just tastes smooth and creamy, a bit like a thin smoothie.  Very unified; unbroken.

The flavor is a bittersweet flavor that I have come to associate with high quality Matcha … but this is even more intensely flavored.  The vegetative flavor is strong!

As I have now tried two different Matcha offering from Aiya, one significant thing I have noticed about these products is that the Matcha remains well-incorporated.  Very often, with Matcha, it becomes separated while sipping and some of the Matcha particles fall to the bottom of the chawan, requiring another whisk to maintain the flavor.  But with this Matcha, that additional whisking is not necessary.  This stuff stays mixed … and the froth doesn’t dissipate either!  This remains creamy, thick and frothy until the very last drop!

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