Pumpkin Spice from Simpson & Vail


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Simpson & Vail

Product Description:

This blend combines black teas with pumpkin and spice flavor to create a deep amber cup that is velvety smooth and aromatic. Its light, delicious taste is reminiscent of pumpkin custard. This tea, enjoyed year round, just adds another sensory delight to the mystique of the pumpkin!

Ingredients: black teas, pumpkin flavor and marigold petals.

Taster’s Review:


The hot cup of tea that sits before me now smells yummy.  It smells the way my kitchen smells on Thanksgiving morning – freshly baked pumpkin pie!  Delish!

This is a very tasty pumpkin spice tea.   While it doesn’t have that pie/pastry flavor to it, it does have a delicious, savory pumpkin flavor with a hint of spice.  It tastes very much like the baked pumpkin pie filling sans the pastry.  And unless gramma is baking the pie (she made the most incredible crusts, but I digress), the baked custard is the best part of the pie anyway.

The black tea base is a brisk black tea.  It is mild as far as black teas go, but, it works with this blend.  It is pleasant and provides a delicious background for the pumpkin and spice flavors.

I could taste the spice notes right away, particularly the cinnamon.  It isn’t a spicy cinnamon taste, it is more like a sweet hint of spice which enhances the natural sweetness as well as the savory notes of the fruit (or vegetable?)

It took a few sips for the pumpkin flavor to really develop.  At first, I was left wondering:  where is the pumpkin?  But, by the time I was finished with my third or fourth sip, the pumpkin came through nicely.  Now that I’m nearly finished with my second cup, I am questioning my memory!  Did I really not taste the pumpkin?  I mean, it’s RIGHT THERE!  That is to say, it is a strong, prominent flavor.  Rich and sweet.  Delicious.

I prefer this tea hot, but that could be because it’s chilly outside and a good, hot cup of Pumpkin Spice tea is quite a comfort on a day like this.  It really doesn’t require any sweetening, but if you like a sweeter cup, it wouldn’t hurt to add a drizzle of honey (or perhaps maple syrup!) or maybe try a little bit of brown sugar.  The molasses in the brown sugar might add an interesting dimension to the pumpkin.  Hmm… now I’m thinking I need to brew another pot of this tea!

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