Yorkshire Harrogate Tea from Culinary Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Culinary Teas

Product Description: 

Few teas have such rich fullness and flavor. Yorkshire Harrogate has a lightly astringent cup becomes golden bright on milk. A traditional tea that befits a Yorkshire man!

Taster’s Review:

For many tea drinkers out there – this is the kind of blend that they think of when they think of tea.  It is good and strong.  As in STRONG!  This is the kind of tea that you’ll reach for time and time again when you want something that will invigorate you and get you going.  A perfect morning cuppa!

This is definitely a masculine kind of tea, and yet, I’m discovering a wonderful complexity to this full-flavored cup.  Yes, it is an incredibly bold cup of tea, I am not finding it to be too strong.  Layers of flavor!  A wonderful sweetness that is somewhat caramel-y (which is further enhanced by the malty tones), as well as a honey-esque sweetness.

The malty tones not only highlight the caramel-like flavors to this cup, but also its biscuit-y tones that remind me of a freshly baked loaf of yeasty bread.  And despite its robust nature, it is quite smooth.  It doesn’t have a strong bitter note (although I do taste a hint of savory bitterness toward mid-sip, it does not offer a powerful bite), and there is a fair amount of a slightly dry astringency. If you find the astringency to be a bit too much (I do not), it can be softened significantly with the addition of milk.  In fact, it takes to this addition quite well (a drizzle of honey is quite nice too)  Overall, I’m finding this to be a well-rounded cup of tea.

A right proper brew, this Yorkshire Harrogate!

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