ITFA Global Tea Taster’s Club, October’s Shipment, Part 1: SiaoSyue – Winter Jin Syuan

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Produced By Dignitea Garden

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About ITFA Global Tea Taster’s Club:

By subscribing to the Global Tea Tasters Club, you will receive tea from ITFA tea farms 6 times per year. Each time, we will select a different region to feature and as we grow in tea farm members, so will your tea experience.

Your tea will also be accompanied by info about the tea and the tea farms themselves.

To know where your tea is coming from, who has grown and produced it, to taste the difference in teas from around the world…what could be better?

Taster’s Review:

October’s shipment of teas for ITFA’s Global Tea Taster’s Club brought me teas produced in Taiwan.  And when I think of teas from Taiwan, I immediately think Oolong!  And, yes, this shipment featured three different Oolong teas (as well as one Black tea).  Yay!  I do love Oolong!

And of course, my favorite Oolong is Ali Shan!  And so what better way to start off these tastings from October’s shipment than with an Ali Shan Oolong?

This Ali Shan Jin Shuan SianSyue Oolong from the Dignitea Gardens is the first tea that I selected from my October package, and it is LOVELY.  It has a remarkably light roast to it, giving it a hint of nutty, buttery flavor without a strong roasty-toasty taste. 

It is remarkably fragrant, with a beautiful floral note that reminds me of something between orchid and lily.  This floral note translates to the flavor, but while the floral taste is there, it is in keeping with the overall lightness to the cup, and does not overwhelm.

In one sip, I notice not only the delightful floral notes, and the nutty flavor, but hints of buttered popcorn, and a very subtle undertone of spice.   For such a light tea, there is a surprising amount of flavor and body to the cup.

This tea is a perfect example of why I adore Ali Shan so much.


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