Severe Degree of Fermentation Oolong from International Tea Farm Alliance/

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: International Tea Farm Alliance/

Product Description:

New produce:
severe degree of fermentation oolong tea,
the aroma of tea smell like orchid and a weak aroma of honey,
the color of tea soup are citrus.
taste full sweet, soft, delicate, made with Chin-Shin Oolong.

Tasters Review:

I recently received my Tea Club Shipment and was once again VERY excited and impressed!  I LOVE getting the Tea Club Tea Packages direct from the source as well as learning about each farm and grower!  Fascinating and Fun!

This was the tightest packaged tea I have ever come across. The FRESHNESS and aroma is truly amazing tho! Well worth the vacuum-packed effort!

The aroma is a little like slightly salted butter. The taste is a little like buttered veggies but not as intense with the buttered notes as some I have tasted. It’s brothy and savory.

This is darned tasty! I feel like I’m eating something rather than drinking something!  I also found this link for more info with lovely photos from first pick to processing and infusing!  It’s a must see!

2 thoughts on “Severe Degree of Fermentation Oolong from International Tea Farm Alliance/

  1. This sounds delicious too. I love citrusy teas. I had a cup at my Monday’s quilter group, not sure the flavor but I did get my citrus fix. 🙂

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