Japanese Cherry from Joy’s Teaspoon

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Joy’s Teaspoon

Product Description:

Cherries play an important role in Japanese culture.  The cherry blossom festival which takes place every year is beautiful to look at.  The exquisite Sencha base was refined with high-quality sour cherries and a tempting cherry flavor.  This blend is doubtless a real classic among the flavored green teas and belongs in every assortment.

Taster’s Review:

I contemplated saving this review for publication in spring, because when I sip cherry flavored green teas like this one, it inspires thoughts of springtime.  But, I figured I could still channel my “inner springtime” with this tea, and enjoy it now even the weather tells me it is definitely NOT springtime.

But that’s OK.  I’ve got all I need from spring right here in my teacup.  The green tea base is delicate and sweet with a smooth, creamy taste to it.  It supports the flavors of cherry well, and I’m happy to report that the cherry here tastes authentic.  It doesn’t have that off-cherry kind of taste, and those who have experienced that off-cherry taste know exactly what I’m talking about.

Instead, the cherry flavoring here is light, with a pleasing sweetness and an ever-so-gentle hint of tart.  And, I think it is that sour cherry flavor that gives this tea its sense of authenticity … it tastes very much like a real cherry, and not cough syrupy.

A delicious way to celebrate spring, any time of year!

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