Pear Spice White Tea from Teas Etc.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Teas Etc.

Product Description:

1st Place Winner of North American Tea Championship – Flavored White Tea

This lush blend of Bai Mu Dan white tea,spice and botanicals is intoxicating. Aromatic and flavorful the essence of natural pear is the primary cup character balanced by the spice and blossoms.

A full bodied taste experience that will warm and soothe the day away.

Taster’s Review:

This is a very interesting and beautiful tea.  I received a sample of this tea with my most recent order (free samples with each order!), and I’m glad to have the opportunity to try it.

Although, I do find myself disagreeing with the above description a bit.  I don’t think that the pear note is the primary character here.  Yes, I can taste the pear, but, even stronger than the pear flavor is that of the star anise.  From the first sip, the licorice-y flavor of the star anise greeted me with its sweet presence.

The white tea is also one of the main flavors I taste, adding its sweet, gentle flavor to the cup.  The pear is coming in as a softer flavor than both the anise and the white tea, and it does take a few sips to really come into focus.  Now that I’m nearly finished with the cup, I notice the pear flavor first, although I still would argue that it is not the strongest flavor, only the first flavor to be tasted.

Just after the pear flavor, the anise brings in a snappy licorice flavor.  Unlike the pear flavor, which took some time to develop, the star anise started out strong and has since tapered off a bit, allowing for the smoothness of the white tea and pear flavors to come together to form a sense of balance.  There are hints of floral notes in this too, which compliment the fresh flavor of the white tea very nicely.

Overall, I find this to be a very pleasing cup.  Quite soothing and soft, none of these flavors are incredibly strong, which is a good thing because when it comes to white tea, too strong a flavor can lead to an overpowering presence.  Here, the flavors are nicely balanced, and I like how this balance is achieved slowly.  With my first couple of sips, it wasn’t so balanced, I noticed the strong anise flavor and then the white tea with the pear flavors dangling out there somewhere, but, when given a little time for contemplation, the flavors manage to create a very harmonious taste.

I like that this tea inspires that time for contemplation.  It insists that you take time to enjoy the tea!

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