Magnolia Oolong from TeaScapes

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  TeaScapes

Product Description: 

This tea brews to a pale color and the sweetly fragrant magnolia blossoms produce a rich scent. The leaves are large and delicately hand-rolled. This tea aids in digestion and has an elegant floral flavor.

Taster’s Review:


The magnolia essence here is very strong.  The first two infusions deliver a powerful magnolia taste, but it never comes across as perfume-y.  Just pleasantly sweet and floral.

In those first two infusions, I noticed a creamy, buttery taste and a hint of vegetative flavor too.  I found that with the first two infusions especially, that these different flavors were presented as very distinct, individual notes.  With the subsequent infusions, the flavors began to meld together and become seamless and very smooth.  My later infusions (I steeped the tea six times) were by far superior to the first two, and I really liked the first two!

The aroma is equally as captivating as the flavor, smelling of fresh spring breezes when magnolia trees are in bloom.  I have never been to the south where magnolia trees are abundant, but, my gramma’s neighbor had a couple of magnolia trees in her back yard, and I remember the aroma that permeated the air as the trees bloomed – so beautiful!  And these tea leaves have captured that fragrance well.

If you’ve not tried a Magnolia Oolong, I highly recommend it.  If you love jasmine tea, I think you will become quite fond of Magnolia Oolong teas as well!

1 thought on “Magnolia Oolong from TeaScapes

  1. This tea blend sounds intriguing to me, having been raised in the south, magnolias are familiar. Never would have thought of it being a fragrance that would “drink” well as compared to other floral scents, but I might have to give this one a try, for nostalgia.

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