Passion Fruit Gold from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Product Description:

A warm fiery goodness permeates through this amazing fruit tea blend, with the dark black tea offering a full-bodied flavor that is simply like no other. This delicious Passion Fruit gold tea is packed with goodness provided by the natural sweetness of black tea subtly touched by the delicate floral tones of calendula blossoms. This tea is ideal for drinking in winter or on the rocks in the summer it is so versatile and flavorful!

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Taster’s Review:

This is one tea that really benefits from a little patience on the tea drinker’s part (in this case, that tea drinker would be me!)  The first couple of sips, I found to be very lightly flavored (almost too light in flavor), and a wee bit too astringent.  However, after those first couple of sips, I found that this tea really begins to develop.

The flavor of the passion fruit starts out rather subtle, and then after two or three sips, I notice the flavor really begins to emerge.  With those first couple of sips, I was kind of like … well, that might be passion fruit … this is alright.  But now, the flavor really has come forth and presented itself and it is fruity, sweet and delicious, with an ever-so-subtle tartness in the background.

The black tea, on the other hand, starts out pretty aggressively, with a slight bitterness toward mid-sip and a strong astringent finish.  However, once the flavors of the passion fruit presented themselves in a more powerful way, the bitterness seems to have disappeared and the astringency has softened significantly.

The first couple of sips… weren’t really what I’d consider bad at all, but, they just didn’t represent a great cup of tea.  But, once I got past those first less-than-stellar sips, I have discovered Passion Fruit GOLD!   This is also great iced!

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