Glenburn Second Flush Darjeeling Summer Leaf Tea FTGFOP1 from KTeas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  KTeas

Product Description:

 picked 30 May 2011

Direct from the Glenburn Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India!

This second flush Darjeeling is plucked during the early summer months of May and June. Shoots of the bush which draw their succulence from the late spring rain showers are selected to make the stylishrolled leaf. The cup is clear amber to the eye, nonetheless full-bodied with a mature flavor compared to the First Flush that preceded it. Glenburn’s unique growing conditions imbue the very select clonal plants with a special character in their liquor all its own, yielding a complex layer of maltiness with musk and nutty undertones.

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve hung on to this sample for a while, waiting for that moment when I really wanted a Darjeeling … and I didn’t bother to really read the label.  This tea was picked on my birthday!

Anyway… today seems like a good Darjeeling day.  I’m not in a particular rush to get anything done (at least not for the next hour or so), and so I’d like to just sort of slowly ease into the swing of things.  Darjeeling does that for me with it’s crisp, light nature.  Or so I thought!

These Darjeeling teas from Glenburn Estates are so unique – quite unlike any other Darjeeling teas I’ve encountered.  It is as though these Darjeelings want to be an Assam, but couldn’t quite get there.  They are a bit lighter, of course, than a typical Assam, but, they are a bit heavier than a typical Darjeeling.  Where Darjeeling tea tends to be quite crisp and light (somewhat reminiscent of a white wine), this Darjeeling has some body to it, with a thicker, smoother texture, and even a hint of malt in the background.  It also has a toasty flavor in the background, providing a slightly nutty taste.  Nice!  Different, but nice!

But that is not to say that this Glenburn Second Flush Darjeeling is not at all like a Darjeeling because it does possess many of the characteristics that you’d expect from a Darjeeling as well.  A fruity overtone – muscatel grapes! – providing a nice sweetness to the overall cup.  Pleasantly sweet and delicious.

The astringency here is quite unusual as well.  Astringency is that sensation that either leaves your palate feeling clean, or sometimes sort of dry, and still other times it imparts a slightly tangy sensation.  But this astringency isn’t quite like any of those … instead, it is more like a tingly, almost prickly kind of effect on the tongue.  Interesting.

I am so very pleased to have had the opportunity to try this Darjeeling.  It is one of the best that I’ve tried yet.  If you’re a fan of Darjeeling teas, you should definitely try this one… it will surprise you!  It would also be a great Darjeeling for those who are new to them … although, be warned, after you try this one, other Darjeeling teas just may not satisfy.  This one is a keeper!


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