Yunnan White Jasmine from Verdant Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Verdant Tea

Product Description:

This jasmine has helped us understand what jasmine is all about.  It starts with a silky smooth silver needle white tea from Yunnan with notes of cinnamon sweetness.  Jasmine blossoms are scattered around the tea while drying for several nights in a row, and removed in the morning to be replaced by fresh blossoms, scenting the tea in the traditional method.  The result is a perfectly integrated flavor, that starts off with the textures of a white tea, and sweetness drawn out and extended by a silky jasmine aroma.  Continue steeping this out, and an intriguing apricot jam flavor starts to come out and compliment the subtle spice of the yunnan white.  In later steepings there is even the slightest hint of pine needle.

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Taster’s Review:

What a splendid jasmine!

Some time ago on Steepster, I recall reading a forum post from an individual who suggested that scented teas were of inferior quality.  I think that if that sipper were to try this Yunnan White Jasmine, they just might change their mind!

Of course, just like any thing else, there are good scented teas and there are bad ones.  This is definitely one of the good ones!  I’d even go so far as to say one of the best.  The deliciously sweet, light white Yunnan tea has a delightful flavor that possesses fruit-like tones and hints of that peppery spice for which Yunnan black teas are often celebrated.  It has a creaminess to it that when combined with the sweet, luscious flavor of the jasmine becomes quite an indulgence.

My jasmine Yixing mug holds about five infusions from my gaiwan, so I steeped these leaves five times and combined all five infusions in my Yixing.  It is interesting because the flavors change with each infusion, so I taste many different things in this cup.  The sip starts with the sweetness of jasmine, along with just a hint of spice.

By mid-sip, the creamy flavor washes over the palate, and as the sip nears the finish, an intriguing, almost-resinous note arrives … it almost tastes of pine or perhaps rosemary.  I thought maybe my palate was playing tricks on me, until I read through the tasting notes from Verdant Tea, and I notice that they also experienced this flavor.

What a truly remarkable jasmine tea … it will surprise even the most seasoned of jasmine aficionados out there!

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