On The Sixth Day of Christmas, 52Teas sent to me …

Wow, already halfway through this sampler box!  It seems weird to me that Christmas is less than a week away.  Time flies.  This is going to be a very strange holiday for me.  Without going into details and making this a sappy, sordid story, I will just say that it is going to be different, and I’m glad that I have tea and the fun of this sampler box to make things a little easier.

So… for the sixth day of Christmas, 52Teas sent me this tea:


I was one of the “lucky” customers that managed to get a pouch of the very first batch of this that Frank blended.  His later batches were not mixed with mini-marshmallows and instead have marshmallow root.  In addition, his later batches (including this one) did not include Uji-Genmaicha (Genmaicha with Matcha).

And that certainly does make a difference from the Marshmallow Treat tea that I reviewed back in June.  The green tea flavor is softer, as is the marshmallow flavor.  I find that as the tea cools slightly (still hot, just not fresh from the teapot hot), the marshmallow flavor develops a bit, and as I continue to sip, it develops even more.  But, it doesn’t ever really become quite as memorable as that first batch was for me.  The overall cup is lighter in flavor, and I think that this has just as much to do with the lack of Matcha as it does the lack of real marshmallows, if not more.

That being said, this is still really good.

3 thoughts on “On The Sixth Day of Christmas, 52Teas sent to me …

  1. I like this review quite a bit since it is to do with Genmaicha. I favor this and have several box of this tea from YamaMotoYama.

    What struck me was the marshmallows added to this; wow! Does this make it seem like those caramel rice cakes that one sometimes snack on?

    Would be very nice. So now I crave rice cake flavored marshmallows and with caramel maybe.


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