On the Seventh Day of Christmas, 52Teas Sent to Me …

I was pretty confident that this blend would appear in this 12 Teas of Christmas box, because it is probably one of 52Teas’ top 3 sellers this year, if not of all time.  (Note:  I don’t know this for sure, it’s a guess based only on the response to the tea on Steepster as well as the fact that it had been reblended several times before it was made a permanent part of the My Sweet Honeybush line).

This is also one of the only tisanes out there that I’ve purchased multiple pouches of, as this became a daily beverage for my daughter for a while.  As much as I love most of 52Teas’ blends, if I were to purchase multiple pouches of all of them, well, I just wouldn’t have any room in my kitchen for anything but tea… and my family would disown me.  As it is, they’re getting pretty frustrated with the amount of tea that I own now.

But, I digress.

I am really glad that this tea was in the sampler box, because I’ve been out of it for a while now, and I’ve missed it.  It’s nice to revisit it!


As I mentioned above, this was my daughter’s favorite tea for quite a while.  And, one sip will tell you why:  it’s really delicious.  Sweet and creamy, with a delicious coconut flavor that lingers.  The cheesecake flavor here is very well pronounced with a tangy cream cheese and sour cream kind of flavor in the background.

The nutty flavor of the honeybush ties in well with the pastry-like flavor.

I find this just as delicious now as I did back in February when I wrote my full-length review of this tea.  It makes a wonderful late-night treat that will satisfy my sweet tooth without calories, and since it’s honeybush, it’s caffeine-free too!

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