Keemun 3 Monkey from Culinary Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Culinary Teas

Product Description: 

Keemun 3 Monkey has a complex yet subtle flavor. Aromatic and penetrating without being lush or floral. It is said you can compare this to a fine burgundy wine because of it’s superb bouquet. The flavor is best brought out with the use of milk. This Chinese black tea has a bright tending reddish cup.

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Taster’s Review:

For me, no other black tea variety says “winter” like a good Keemun.  It has such a delightfully cozy flavor to it, like something I would want to cozy up with after waking up on a chilly morning, or curling up with on a cold, winters afternoon.

I think it is what I would call the “trademark” characteristics of a Keemun that make me so fond of this type of tea when the weather turns cold.  It has a warming quality to it that I liken to the warming effects of a liquor that has been carefully aged in oak.  It has a very pleasing, yeasty baked bread kind of flavor, full-bodied, with notes of smoke and leather and the faintest hints of spice.  All of these qualities make for a warm, cozy cuppa on a chilly winter day.

But even though this tea inspires one toward warm and comfort, it has a stoutness to it, a invigorating quality … GUSTO that will also get you going if that is what you need.  For that reason, this Keemun would make a fantastic choice for a breakfast tea.  And it takes to the additions of milk and honey well, if you like to add them to your breakfast cup.

There are a lot of Keemun teas out there from which to choose, and some can be quite expensive!  I think that this Keemun 3 Monkey from Culinary Teas is good for those who seek an exceptional value for their tea dollar.  It is also a good “starter” Keemun for those who are new to this type of tea, to learn more about it and start exploring the nuances that Keemun offers.  It has a good depth of flavor, and it doesn’t seem to be leaning toward any one flavor characteristic more than others… it possesses a really nice balance of those aforementioned Keemun trademark characteristics.


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