Bon Bon Black Tea Blend from ESP Emporium

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  ESP Emporium

Product Description:

White beaches, crystal clear water, the rustle of palm leaves, Caribbean music in the background, sun-tanned skin and a happy mood… The pleasure of chocolate and coconuts would bring to perfection the picture of a good life, “le bon gout de Ia vie”. To be brief, Bon Tea.., chocolate and coconut included! Enjoy this tender, creamy creation with, or even without, Caribbean music. It’s worth it!Testing here.

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Taster’s Review:

As the clock ticks toward the coming of the new year, many of you out there may be reaching for a glass of champagne to celebrate.  Not me.  As I’ve said before I am not much of a drinker of alcohol.  I’ll take a cup of tea over a glass of champagne any day.

And being the chocoholic that I am, this Bon Bon tea from ESP Emporium is probably the kind of tea that I’ll reach for to help me ring in the new year.  Sweet, creamy coconut together with rich, delicious chocolate and a solid black tea base.  So yummy!

This tea brews up very dark, and it tastes strong and rich and smooth – no bitterness to this tea, and only a moderate amount of astringency is noted.  It is a really nice base for the flavors of chocolate and coconut – everything tastes so smooth and deliciously harmonious.

I’m finding that the chocolate and coconut are pretty evenly matched here, just when I think that the chocolate might be the strongest flavor, the coconut comes through and convinces me otherwise.  This tea is very appropriately named, because the combination of the two flavors gives this tea a very truffle-y, bon-bon-ish kind of taste that is absolutely irresistible.  I love it!

This tea makes an awesome latte too!

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