Shizuoka Shincha Green Tea from Green Tea Lovers

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Green Tea Lovers

Product Description:

LIMITED EDITION ONCE A YEAR TEA. Shincha is a first crop, young bud sencha. This shincha is grown in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan’s premier tea growing region. Over half of the yearly production of Japanese tea comes from Shizuoka. The shincha leaves are hand picked and hand rolled into long and extremely fine needles. This tea has a soft taste like fresh spring green tea. The aroma is noticeably sweet and reminds one of wild orchid. Shincha’s key characteristic is its refreshing and invigorating scent of new leaves. Another feature of shincha is it’s less bitter/astringent taste. Shincha has a higher content of amino acids (L-Theanine) and vitamin C, giving it full-bodied flavor and sweetness. L-theanine is linked to increased alpha brain wave production and is considered a natural antidepressant and stress reliever. Japanese studies link consumption of L-theanine with strengthening the immune system. L-theanine is often added to energy drinks and is known to give a 6-hour sustainable energy boost.

Taster’s Review:

This is an excellent Shincha!

The aroma is surprising, I expected it to have a strong vegetal smell, but it does not.  Instead, it is sweet and nutty, with a fragrant floral note.  If I didn’t know I was smelling a green tea (which is quite obvious from the appearance, of course, but, let’s say if I were blindfolded), I wouldn’t have immediately guessed that this was a green tea by smelling it.

The flavor is equally as surprising.  There is a hint of vegetative flavor to the flavor, but, only a hint.  Not nearly what you might expect from a green tea.  Instead, this is sweet and nutty, just like the aroma.  The floral tones are there too, as well as a creamy note – a slight creaminess that I wouldn’t categorize as “buttery,” but more of a soft, mild, fresh cream kind of taste and texture.

This is really a remarkable Shincha, one that inspires a sense of calm and relaxation.  Sure, it will also provide an energy boost, but, in a gentle sort of way, making it a great tea for the afternoon.  It will help you de-stress while you quietly recharge your battery!

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