Majestic Mumbai Darjeeling from East Pacific Tea Co.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  East Pacific Tea Co.

Tea Description:

Our most exquisite black tea from the Darjeeling region of India is available today. Try this rare and exotic tea to experience a bold rich taste with an unsurpassed aroma.

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Taster’s Review:

This is a wonderful Darjeeling – it is quite robust for a Darjeeling.

I typically think of Darjeeling to be a lighter tea.  It possesses a lighter body and somewhat of a light, almost sparkling kind of taste, a trait that I think may have earned it the title the “Champagne of tea.”  But this Darjeeling is different.  Yes, it still has a sparkling kind of taste to it, as well as that wine-like muscatel, but, the flavor is quite a bit bolder and not quite as light and crisp as a typical Darjeeling.  This one is really unique and quite special!

The fruit flavor that give it that wine-like quality is quite strong.  I taste the grape-y, black currant-y kind of flavor but I also taste a plum-like kind of flavor in there.  The medley of naturally occurring fruit flavors is quite delicious, and melds nicely with the woody kind of note that I taste in the background, creating a somewhat earthy note to add depth and contrast to the fruit tones.

The flavors are also quite smooth and there is a mild astringency at the tail.  The finish is less dry than in a typical Darjeeling.  There is a slight drying effect on the palate at the finish, but, not nearly as pronounced as I have experienced with other Darjeeling teas.  The aftertaste is sweet with a hint of tangy flavor.

Quite a lovely Darjeeling, one I’d recommend to Darjeeling enthusiasts … this is one you’ll want to savor often!

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