Earl Grey from thepuriTea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  thepuriTea

Product Description:

The small, blue-black tealeaves of our Earl Grey are brimming with the bold, citrusy, sweet aroma of pure bergamot (citrus fruit) essence. A classic breakfast blend or afternoon tea, its deep garnet brew has a bold, zesty flavor that’s great alone, with a dash of sugar or a drop of milk, or alongside pastries, scones and cream, or petits fours. Our Earl Grey is supported by the complex flavors of its malty, chocolaty, earthy Fujianese black tea base, making it a far more complex brew than most Earl Grey teas out there. Whether you’re a new tea drinker or an Earl Grey aficionado, this Earl Grey is an excellent choice.

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Taster’s Review:

It’s no secret that I love Earl Grey tea, but there are just two Earl Grey teas that I consider favorites.  But now, I may have to make that three.

Yes, it’s true, I have just found a new favorite Earl Grey.  This is amazing.

The black tea base is strong.  Earthy and rich, this tea adds a great deal of depth and flavor to the cup that the average Earl Grey tea lacks.  There are background notes of cocoa and malt.  It is astringent but not bitter.  It is absolutely delicious.

On its own, I think that the black tea base would make a great tea.  But, this IS an Earl Grey tea, and it can’t be an Earl Grey tea without the bergamot.  The bergamot oil used here is of excellent quality, as evidenced by its flavor.  The citrus tones are tangy and bright, and the floral notes that so often grace an Earl Grey are less evident.  I can still taste a hint of it – letting me know it’s a bergamot – but, it doesn’t come off as perfume-y.  It is one of the smoothest tasting bergamot flavorings that I’ve encountered in the years that I’ve been enjoying Earl Grey.

My only complaint is that thepuriTea has difficulty keeping this one in stock.  The stock was just recently replenished, so if you love Earl Grey, you should get this one NOW while it’s available!  This one should be a MUST TRY on your list!  It’s that good.

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