Chocolate Vanilla Twist from Big Tea House

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Yerba Maté

Where to Buy:  Big Tea House

Tisane Description:

Get the best of both delicious worlds of chocolate and vanilla in a special Yerba Mate tea fusion. This rich creation is perfect for treating yourself to a little cup of decadence with a burst of energy!

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

Chocolate and vanilla?  Yes please!

This is really a delicious, energizing tisane.  The yerba maté provides a rich base that is not quite as earthy as I had expected from a yerba maté blend – a nice surprise!  There is some earthiness to it, and a little bit of vegetative taste, but mostly, it tastes rich and roasted, with a hint of nutty flavor that compliments the chocolate flavor very well.

Yes, I would like there to be more chocolate (that’s no surprise, right?) however, it is still quite delicious.  The vanilla has a silky creaminess to it, and gives the cup a very smooth flavor.

The combination of the vanilla and chocolate together give it a truffle-y, ganache kind of taste, and the flavor develops as I continue to sip.  It’s as if someone dropped a chocolate truffle in my cup of yerba maté, and it is slowly melting, and it gets more delicious with each sip.

I do recommend drinking this hot as I find that the flavors mute a bit as it cools.  I also recommend adding just a pinch of sugar to the cup to bring out the flavors a bit.  It tastes a bit more like unadulterated yerba maté without the sugar, but with it, it tastes chocolate-y and rich!  YUM!

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