White Montage from Téanzo 1856

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Téanzo 1856

Tea Description:

The delicate white tea in White Montage infuses gently with a splendid mélange of fruits and flowers. This gorgeous, highly aromatic white tea makes an impressive gift. Contains nuts. 

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Taster’s Review:

This has to be one of the busiest teas I’ve tasted in a very long time.  But, even though there is a lot going on, it somehow all works out and ends up tasting really great!  With so much going on, it is difficult to pick out the different flavors, but, I’ll do my best so that I can describe what I taste for you.

The floral note is the easiest for me to discern.  I taste rose.  There are some other floral notes in there that are not rose, but, they kind of all assimilate into a flowery-rose taste, where the rose is the main component and the other flowers just seem to highlight the rose.

I also taste the nutty flavor in there … it tastes like almond to me.  I think that the almond complements the flavor of the white tea here, which, despite being the base of a very busy tea, can still be tasted amongst the many other flavors. The nutty flavor is not particularly a strong note, instead, it sort of weaves its way in and out of the sip just often enough to remind you that it’s there, but not so often as to be a well-defined flavor.

The fruit notes were a little more difficult for me to discern.  It definitely tastes tropical.  At first I thought it might be mango, but, now, I am thinking it is probably papaya that I taste.  There is also a whisper of apple flavor in the distance.  The fruit tastes sweet and I love the way it melds with the floral notes.

I also taste a distinct spice tone, it was really quite soft at the beginning, but now that I am nearly finished with the cup the spice tone is much more apparent, especially toward the finish.  This spice note lingers in the aftertaste.

Overall, I found this tea to be extraordinarily enjoyable, despite being so difficult to nail down.  It is one of those teas that I suspect will taste different every time you brew it … offering an exciting adventure with every cup!

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