Dark Chocolate with Earl Grey Tea from Dolfin


Dark Chocolate Bar

Where to Buy:  The Meadow and other locations where Dolfin Chocolates are sold.

Chocolate Bar Description:

A perfect mix of contrasts: the refreshing sweetness of the bergamot blends perfectly with the strong taste of the chocolate. For afternoon tea, a chocolate with a British accent.

Learn more about Dolfin here.

Taster’s Review:

Recently, I visited the North Portland location of Little Big Burger, and as I walked toward Little Big Burger, I couldn’t help but notice this little shop called The Meadow.  They sell flowers, an array of finishing salts, bitters and chocolate.  Yes, I said CHOCOLATE!  How could I ignore this little shop?  It begged me to stop in and at least take a look around.

But, of course, if I am around chocolate, I can hardly just “look around.”  I must have chocolate!  They have an entire wall dedicated to high quality chocolates from around the world.  I can feel myself start to drool just thinking about it!

While it was difficult to settle upon just one (or two) chocolate bars, I knew my husband was waiting for me so I needed to hurry!  Finally, I settled upon this Dark Chocolate Bar with Earl Grey Tea!  This is a 52% Belgian dark chocolate bar with crushed Earl Grey Tea leaves.  Not an “infused” chocolate, but, a chocolate bar with real bits of tea leaves.

The first thing I notice about this bar is the packaging.  Very impressive!  The package is a double folded “envelope” that keeps the left over chocolate (it’s quite a large bar!) fresh until you’re ready to eat more.  I really like the package, it is clear that Dolfin is committed to maintaining their product’s integrity even after the package has been opened!

Breaking off a piece of the chocolate, I notice the snap of dark chocolate.  Allowing the flavors to melt on my tongue, I can taste the smooth, rich flavor of bittersweet dark chocolate meld with the tangy citrus notes of bergamot.  As I eat this chocolate, I can feel the tiny bits of tea leaf in the chocolate.  The leaves add a little bit of crunch without feeling gritty and because the tea has been finely ground, it won’t leave leaf particles stuck in between the teeth!

While I don’t taste a lot of black tea flavor (there is some, just not a lot), I definitely taste the bergamot, and when it comes to Earl Grey tea, I want to taste BERGAMOT.  The black tea becomes more distinct as I continue to enjoy the chocolate bar, and it is more prominent when I allow the chocolate to melt on the tongue as opposed to biting into it.

This chocolate bar from Dolfin provides an amazing chocolate experience for the tea lover!  And if your Valentine loves chocolate and Earl Grey … you should consider adding this to their gift.  (How about a Chocolate and Earl Grey Gift Basket?)  They’ll LOVE you for it!

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