Mountain Kenya Tea from Mark T. Wendell

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Mark T. Wendell

Tea Description:

Mountain Kenya is an exciting and highly invigorating tea, appropriate for those who like a strong cup of tea. For many years, we have offered this small leaf tea sourced from the Tindret Estate in Kenya. Unique in appearance and overall taste, this is one of the finest small leaf teas grown on the African continent.

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Taster’s Review:

I am very impressed with this tea.  It is strong and flavorful – just what I need this morning when I’m finding it difficult to rev up the engine and start the day.

The cut of the leaf is very small – like tiny grains of black sand!  Because of the cut, I chose to steep it for a shorter time (smaller leaf bits means more surface area exposed to water, which means it brews faster), and I found that 2 minutes in my Breville made a perfect cup of tea … even though it is a CTC tea!

Bold and invigorating, this tea has a flavor that rich and well-rounded.  It has a sweet, caramel-y undertone that melds wonderfully with its malty character.  The closest comparison I can come up with is an Assam; it has that rich, malty quality that is very Assam-like.  But, this is sweeter and without an Assam tea’s bitterness.  There is some astringency to the cup, slightly dry and cleansing, and the aftertaste is lightly sweet.

This tea has got GUSTO!

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